Chatway ensures you never miss a message. Our email and push notifications, available on both desktop and mobile, keep you informed of all incoming messages, ensuring you stay in the loop with every live chat conversation.

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Push Notifications

Enable push notifications in your live chat settings to receive alerts about messages whether you're offline or online

Email Notifications

Activate email notifications to stay informed about unread messages. You'll also receive alerts when you're offline, not logged in, or haven't reviewed messages on your dashboard

Visitors Notification

Your website visitors will also receive email notifications when they leave the site and there's a new message from our agents

How it works

Step 1

A visitor clicks on your widget

Whenever a visitor needs assistance, they simply click on the widget to chat with your live chat agents

  • Widget customization
  • Chat history
  • Multiple agents
  • Email notifications when offline
  • Save visitor's info
  • File-sharing
A visitor clicks on your widget
Step 2

Your team receives chat notifications

Your agents are notified of incoming messages via the browser app, push, email, or mobile notifications

  • Resolve tickets
  • Private notes
  • Email & push notifications
  • Mobile apps
  • Chat routing
  • Agent profiles
Your team receives chat notifications
Step 3

Your team provides real-time responses

Provide real-time answers. Answer queries. Respond to inquiries about your products or services

  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrations
  • Proactive chat
  • Chat analytics
  • Multiple channels
  • Agent activity
Your team provides real-time responses

Reach customers wherever they are, any time of the day

Give your customers full access to instant communication, whenever and wherever they are

Native Notifications

Native Notifications

File Sharing

Share documents and images to provide better context during live chat conversations

file sharing



Mobile Apps

Resolve queries and manage conversations even on the go

mobile app

Customize Widget

customize widget

Easy Installation

Add a live chat widget to your website in just a few minutes. No technical experience required

mobile app

Stories of success

Chatway helps businesses all around the world communicate better with their website's visitors. Hear their experiences firsthand

platform logo 5 star rating 200+ Reviews
platform logo 5 star rating 100+ Reviews
platform logo 5 star rating 50+ Reviews
platform logo 5 star rating 30+ Reviews
platform logo 5 star rating 20+ Reviews
platform logo 5 star rating 20+ Reviews
Matias Yabar-Davila

Smooth and easy. Simple interface and a good way to engage with potential customers.

Matias Yabar-Davila | Founder, Coach Social

This app is actually much easier to use than one I previously tried. It's very, very user-friendly and support has been extremely helpful. The price is excellent and I definitely am glad that I found this one. It's totally worth using and trying out.

Mary | Founder of Orion's Corner
Asbjørn Kofoed-Nielsen

Added Chatway to my website in minutes, and I get notified on my email and phone app when customers ask questions on my website. Works great.

Asbjørn Kofoed-Nielsen | Founder of WDT Tool
Barak Liberman

Game Changer. Chatway Live Chat is a great plugin. I've used to use a WhatsApp link, and since changing to Chatway Live Chat, I'm getting a lot more chat requests and, as a result, a lot more paying customers. I highly recommend it!

Barak Liberman | Founder of Bridge Online Academy
Laslo Dosa

Simply the best live chat app that exists on Shopify. Beautiful design, easy customization, and instant messaging with customers through the app

Laslo Dosa | Founder of Avvo
Elaine Faye Abueva

I highly recommend Chatway for online stores. They also notify via email when a new chat comes in

Elaine Faye Abueva | Founder LZ Marketing
Melanie Steele

Hands down the best chat app. I've tried several other apps and they all had major issues. The Chatway app is all you will need. It's simple and easy to set up.

Melanie Steele | Founder of For the Writer's Soul

Stay Updated with All Live Chat Conversations

Chatway ensures you receive immediate notifications of live chat messages, allowing you to promptly engage with customers and visitors.

Push Notifications

Chatway live chat allows you to stay updated with every incoming message through push notifications on both desktop and mobile. Once enabled in your settings, you'll receive instant notifications about messages, regardless of your online or offline status.

Email Notifications

Enable email notifications for constant updates on live chat messages, ensuring you remain connected and responsive to customer inquiries. Activating this feature allows for timely awareness of all conversations, making sure no customer message is overlooked.

Outgoing Emails to Visitors

Chatway allows you to improve your visitors' offline experience by customizing the email notifications they receive upon going offline. You have the option to select the sender's name and subject line visible in their email, and you can also add your logo to maintain trust and brand consistency.

Notification Preferences

Customize your alert settings to align with your personal preferences. Choose between email and/or push notifications, enable sound alerts, and personalize outgoing messages to visitors, ensuring your notifications are tailored exactly to your needs.

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Communicate with your website visitors in one place. Chatway lets you connect live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger to one account

Any website

What's coming soon

Discover a range of new features and product innovations with Chatway that are designed to make your communication more efficient and effective than ever before.



Will be used to automate customer service tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) or providing support for basic issues

More integrations

More integrations

Chatway will be integrated with other business systems, such as your CRM, help desk, or marketing automation platform.



With more detailed insights into your customer conversations. This info will be used to improve your customer service, marketing, and sales efforts.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

Chatway knowledge base will help customers to find answers to their questions without having to contact an agent.



Chatway will be integrated with other applications through its API. This will help to extend the functionality and create custom solutions.

AI writer assistant

AI writer assistant

Communicate better and respond with the coherence and clarity that your customers will appreciate.