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Nurture customer loyalty by addressing issues promptly in live chat with Chatway, a FreshChat alternative

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Why opt for Chatway instead of FreshChat?

Chatway allows customers to get assistance without leaving a website or application they are using, making it a convenient support option. This is why you should consider Chatway as a FreshChat alternative:

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Private Notes

Use private notes to discuss complex issues, share insights, or seek assistance from supervisors.

Multi-Platform Integration

Launch a live chat widget on your website or e-commerce platforms such as Wix and Shopify.

Mobile Support

Sustain smooth interactions, even on mobile devices, including iOS and Android platforms.

Omni-Channel Support

Build customer interactions over their preferred platform (Messenger, email, website)

File Sharing

Share file attachments, documents, and images to provide context

Unlimited Contacts

Engage with a wide customer base and scale your business quickly

Assign Agents

Direct customers to the most qualified agents based on their skills, expertise, or department.

Revolutionize Customer Relationships With This FreshChat Alternative

Nurture meaningful connections with Chatway, a FreshChat alternative, while effortlessly optimizing your customer support operations through live chat.

Chatway is more than just a Freshchat alternative. It's a new and easy-to-use live chat tool that helps you talk to and engage with your customers better. Your support team can now easily chat with people who visit your website and answer their questions, which helps you turn potential customers into actual paying customers.

This FreshChat alternative helps you guide visitors through their buying journey easily. You can impress them by responding quickly to their questions and handle multiple conversations at once, so no one is left waiting. This makes your support team more efficient and helps your customers be happier, which can turn them into loyal fans of your brand.


Chatway: A Better FreshChat Alternative

Both live chat apps provide functionality for conducting live chat interactions, however there are certain differences that set Chatway apart.

100% Free to Use

Chatway is completely free to use, with all its features available at no cost. Unlike FreshChat, which only allows 10 agents on its free plan, Chatway has no limits on the number of agents you can have. This means you can have as many people helping your customers as you need, without paying anything.

Private Notes

This FreshChat alternative provides comprehensive tools for seamless collaboration between teammates including a private notes feature that allows for easy sharing and tagging of conversations between agents - all for free. Agents can share important information, context, and insights about customers with their colleagues without the customer seeing. This helps them provide more consistent and informed support. Its counterpart, on the other hand, limits this feature to its paid plan.

Marketplace Integrations

With this FreshChat alternative, you can easily add a live chat widget to your website and integrate conversations from other marketplaces like Shopify, WordPress, and Square into your dashboard. This means you can offer immediate assistance to customers wherever they are, whether browsing your Shopify store, reading your blog on WordPress, or processing a payment through Square. Meanwhile, its competitor limits its free plan users to Shopify and WordPress websites only.

Messaging Channels

The free plan users of FreshChat can't expand their live chat communication into Facebook because they simply do not have access to connect that messaging channel. On the flip side, they can easily bring live chat conversations from multiple channels, including Facebook Messenger under a single dashboard with Chatway, a FreshChat alternative.

See Chatway's Advanced Features

Check out the features that make Chatway a more than competent live chat tool for improving communication on your website

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Build Lasting Interactions Over Live Chat

Expand your reach with this FreshChat alternative by facilitating real-time interactions with prospective customers across various platforms, such as Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and beyond.

Centralized Communication Across Multiple Platforms

Chatway simplifies customer communication by consolidating all interactions, enabling support agents to deliver quick and consistent responses.

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Optimize Customer Support Resources

Use this FreshChat alternative to effectively manage simultaneous conversations, optimize resources and reduce the overall cost of customer support.

Stories of success

Chatway helps businesses all around the world communicate better with their website's visitors. Hear their experiences firsthand

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Matias Yabar-Davila

Smooth and easy. Simple interface and a good way to engage with potential customers.

Matias Yabar-Davila | Founder, Coach Social

This app is actually much easier to use than one I previously tried. It's very, very user-friendly and support has been extremely helpful. The price is excellent and I definitely am glad that I found this one. It's totally worth using and trying out.

Mary | Founder of Orion's Corner
Asbjørn Kofoed-Nielsen

Added Chatway to my website in minutes, and I get notified on my email and phone app when customers ask questions on my website. Works great.

Asbjørn Kofoed-Nielsen | Founder of WDT Tool
Barak Liberman

Game Changer. Chatway Live Chat is a great plugin. I've used to use a WhatsApp link, and since changing to Chatway Live Chat, I'm getting a lot more chat requests and, as a result, a lot more paying customers. I highly recommend it!

Barak Liberman | Founder of Bridge Online Academy
Laslo Dosa

Simply the best live chat app that exists on Shopify. Beautiful design, easy customization, and instant messaging with customers through the app

Laslo Dosa | Founder of Avvo
Elaine Faye Abueva

I highly recommend Chatway for online stores. They also notify via email when a new chat comes in

Elaine Faye Abueva | Founder LZ Marketing
Melanie Steele

Hands down the best chat app. I've tried several other apps and they all had major issues. The Chatway app is all you will need. It's simple and easy to set up.

Melanie Steele | Founder of For the Writer's Soul

Frequently asked questions

What is Chatway?

Chatway is a live chat app for your website. Communicate with your website's visitors through live chat.

Is Chatway free?

All the Chatway features are currently free. We'll introduce paid plans in the future with a free forever plan.

Can I invite agents to Chatway?

Yes. You can invite agents to Chatway. Your agents will be able to respond to conversations.

Are there Chatway mobile apps?

Yes. You can download the Android Chatway app or the iOS Chatway app for iPhone users.

Can I customize the Chatway widget?

Yes. You can customize the widget and change the color, size, position on screen and more.

Can I enable notifications?

Yes. you can enable push notifications and email notifications for your Chatway conversations.

Is Chatway a FreshChat alternative?

Yes, Chatway is a great FreshChat alternative that can be used for free. Please check the comparison table above for more information.