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Talk to customers in real-time and grow your business with Chatway live chat, an HappyFox alternative

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Why opt for Chatway instead of HappyFox?

Chatway, a HappyFox alternative provides your website visitors and customers instant access to live chat support, increasing your chances of conversions.

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Free Plan

Add a live chat widget to your website at no cost

Unlimited Conversations

Engage with and assist multiple customers simultaneously without any restrictions

Pre-Chat Forms

Gather essential information before initiating the conversation

Assign Agents

Reassign conversations to more specialized or experienced agents using admin rights

Widget profile

Show your customers who is online with multiple agent profiles

Private Notes

Collaborate and share information among teammates without the customer being aware

Mobile Support

Handle chats on the go and resolve issues quickly with mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

Connect Instantly, Solve Queries Swiftly

Chatway helps businesses connect with a wide range of customers, which increases the chances of building stronger relationships and customer loyalty.

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Bring All Your Conversations in One Place

Reach more people by allowing prospective customers to connect with you right away on platforms like Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and more.

Communication Simplified

Chatway simplifies communication for your team by gathering all customer conversations in one place and providing a live chat widget for fast, consistent responses.

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Provide Effective Customer Support

Improve associated customer service costs by solving problems and handling multiple conversations simultaneously on live chat.

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Smooth and easy. Simple interface and a good way to engage with potential customers.

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Matias Yabar-Davila

Founder, Coach Social

Frequently asked questions

What is Chatway?

Chatway is a live chat app for your website. Communicate with your website's visitors through live chat.

Is Chatway free?

All the Chatway features are currently free. We'll introduce paid plans in the future with a free forever plan.

Can I invite agents to Chatway?

Yes. You can invite agents to Chatway. Your agents will be able to respond to conversations.

Are there Chatway mobile apps?

Yes. You can download the Android Chatway app or the iOS Chatway app for iPhone users.

Can I customize the Chatway widget?

Yes. You can customize the widget and change the color, size, position on screen and more.

Can I enable notifications?

Yes. you can enable push notifications and email notifications for your Chatway conversations.

Is Chatway a HappyFox alternative?

Yes, Chatway is a great HappyFox alternative that can be used for free. Please check the comparison table above for more information.