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Supercharge your business with instant messaging and increase sales with Chatway live chat, a Gorgias alternative

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Why choose Chatway instead of Gorgias?

Chatway equips your support team to improve customer connections, leading to increased sales and profits. This is why you should consider Chatway as a Gorgias alternative:

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Free Trial

Engage in live chat conversations with visitors for free.

Visitor Information

Get essential details about your visitors when they send you a message.

Multiple Agents

Invite unlimited agents & assign chats for specialized support

Platform Integration

Connect your work stack (Wix, Shopify, etc) to your live chat app

File sharing

Share media and files to engage visitors better.

Chat Tool Customization

Design your live chat tool to reflect your brand's style.

Mobile Applications

Provide support on mobile apps- iOS and Android

Your Live Chat Solution For Improved Customer Engagement

Chatway, a Gorgias alternative provides you with the tools to improve customer engagement and drive your business to success.

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Multiple Channel Support

With Chatway, you can provide live chat support across various platforms, including Shopify, Wix, and WordPress all from your dashboard.

Easy-to-use Platform

Chatway helps your support team quickly respond to customer inquiries, solve issues, and provide tailored help through a user-friendly dashboard.

easy integration

Improve Support Workflow

Efficiently manage your support operations by connecting Chatway to popular platforms like Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and Facebook Messenger through integrations.

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Smooth and easy. Simple interface and a good way to engage with potential customers.

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Matias Yabar-Davila

Founder, Coach Social

Frequently asked questions

What is Chatway?

Chatway is a live chat app for your website. Communicate with your website's visitors through live chat.

Is Chatway free?

All the Chatway features are currently free. We'll introduce paid plans in the future with a free forever plan.

Can I invite agents to Chatway?

Yes. You can invite agents to Chatway. Your agents will be able to respond to conversations.

Are there Chatway mobile apps?

Yes. You can download the Android Chatway app or the iOS Chatway app for iPhone users.

Can I customize the Chatway widget?

Yes. You can customize the widget and change the color, size, position on screen and more.

Can I enable notifications?

Yes. you can enable push notifications and email notifications for your Chatway conversations.

Is Chatway a Gorgias alternative?

Yes, Chatway is a great Gorgias alternative that can be used for free. Please check the comparison table above for more information.